the route


Planning this trip has taken some time. There were several ideas. Destination China was the original one (and still a future plan). Direction Adriatic area was another idea but eventually the North became the final one. For a few years cycling North has been on my mind. Work has previously blocked me to travel in Summer but now that I have the opportunity I have grabbed the bull by the horns.

The next thing to decide was what direction to cycle in. I looked at wind directions but couldn’t find any consistent info about prevailing wind directions. The part that I think to be most diverse is Norway so I wanted to get that later on the trip. Since some friends will be traveling in Norway and Denmark in July / August I could meet up with them along the way when going counter clockwise.

The part between home and Vilnius didn’t attract me all that much (maybe unjust) and the trip itself will be long enough already so I decided to fly that part (with Brussels Airlines for under 100 Euro including the bike!). By flying at the start of the trip I get the logistics of finding a box, packing it up etc. over and done with.

So counter clockwise it is.

Starting in Vilnius, Lithuania, Going through Latvia and Estonia. Then all the way through the center of Finland up to Inari. Enter Norway to go up to the most Northern place in continental Europe. Head West from there and take a ferry to cycle through the Vesterålen and Lofoten and then follow the coast towards Trondheim and Kristiansund. If time allows it and I still feel like it I might continue to Bergen before going to Oslo. From there is it homeward bound through Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

Google tells me about 6800 km but I am sure it will be more than that.